Frequently Asked Questions
Who are you guys?

We are Gerger, a software company from Istanbul, Turkey. You may have heard of us from our other products, Formspider, the application development tool for Oracle PL/SQL developers, and Gitora, the free version control tool for Oracle PL/SQL. You can connect with our founder Yalim K. Gerger on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

I liked the idea! How can I help?

Thanks! The most important thing is you find the content interesting and attend the events. But if you want to go beyond that, you can help in many different ways. In the order of importance;

Spread the word. A community is only as strong as the number of its engaged users. Sending an email to your colleagues and friends who you think might be interested in ProHuddle is the most effective way you can help.

Do a webinar for the ProHuddle community. Our community is looking for interesting people, ideas, technologies and products. We’ll help you find an audience. Alternatively, you can also be a reference. If you know someone who you think might host a great webinar, encourage him to get in touch with us.

Provide feedback. Get in touch to share an idea you have which will make ProHuddle better or to tell us what you’d like to see on this site. Let us know how we can provide a better experience for the community. When we reach out to you with an email asking for feedback, provide your candid opinion.

Blog about ProHuddle. If you have a blog, or work at a media company, write about ProHuddle.

Share ProHuddle. Share our website on social networks.

I don’t know how to do a webinar? Can you help?

Yes! No worries. We’ve got the necessary tools and infrastructure covered. All you have to do is to be in front of a computer at the time you’ll host the webinar and follow a few simple instructions. We’ll do a test together well before the actual webinar takes place to make sure everything works properly.

Do I have to pay to do a presentation?

No. If you want to host a webinar for our community, please get in touch. We are always looking for new people to do presentations. One of the most important reasons we’ve started ProHuddle is to help people like you find an audience.

Do I have to pay if I talk about my product or service during the webinar?

No. We are focused on connecting our community to interesting people, ideas, technologies and products that help them to improve their professional and personal lives. In the future, we might consider hosting sponsored webinars as long as they fit to our criteria (for our criteria read the previous sentence :-) ).

How often are you going to host a webinar?

We plan to start with one webinar a month and if there is enough interest we can always increase the frequency of the webinars.

Why are you doing this?

We are geeks who love to learn about interesting people, ideas, technologies and products.

What topics will your webinars cover?

Currently, our community largely consists of Oracle Professionals. It is a great mix of developers, DBA’s, software designers, enterprise architects, consultants, managers and executives who in one way or the other are involved with Oracle Technologies.

Therefore, we’ll start with Oracle related topics such as SQL, Java, the Oracle Database and other Oracle products.

We suspect we’ll branch off from there to neighbouring topics such as big data, analytics, data warehouses, other databases, software design, mobile, various programming tools and languages, cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc...

If there is enough interest from the community we might even branch further off to non-technical topics such as sales, marketing, business development, startups, science, economy, liberal arts etc… It’s all up to the community really.

What kind of people are in this community?

We are a community of curious, open minded people who love to learn about interesting people, ideas, technologies and products to help us improve our personal and professional lives.

We’ll host webinars which will appeal to such an audience. If this sounds like fun to you, sign up for our email list to get notified about upcoming webinars.

Can I do a presentation?

Absolutely! One of the reasons we started ProHuddle is to help new and upcoming speakers find an audience. Make sure you check the “I am also interested in doing a presentation” checkbox when you sign up and we’ll get in touch with you.

Are these webinars really for free?

Yes. Attending the webinars do not cost a dime.

Can I introduce my product/service to the ProHuddle community?

Our community loves to learn and improve. We look for stimulating, interesting presentations that help us improve our professional and personal lives. So you can imagine that a traditional marketing/sales presentation will not be a good fit for our audience.

This doesn’t mean you can’t introduce your product or service to our community in a webinar though. We welcome informative, enabling, webinars and if yours fit the bill, you are more than welcome to talk about your product and service. If we as a community will get a value from your webinar, then we want to hear about your products and services. In fact, this is the whole point. You just have to find a non-salesy way to present your content. If you need help in structuring your presentation this way, get in touch with us.

Can I promote my book?

Yes. Absolutely! We think ProHuddle will be a great venue for writers. If you are talking about a subject you know very well and you just happen to write a book about it, by all means, please let us know. If the webinar is informative and interesting, we want to know about your book so that we can continue learning about the topic. We attend webinars to learn and your book helps us to dive even deeper into the subject.

Are you going to send me a lot of emails?

No. For example, we’ll email you if we schedule a new webinar. Since we’ll start with one webinar a month, you should expect one email a month (and a one or two instructional, reminder type emails if you choose to register for a particular webinar).

Bottom line, we won’t clog your inbox with spam.

We understand that email is not Facebook and we always think twice before sending out an email.