Bob Evans

Founder at Evans Strategic Communications

Cloud Wars: Who Will Win The Battle for IT's Future?
About the Webinar

As cloud computing surges into the mainstream and becomes the backbone of enterprise IT, hundreds of cloud vendors are fighting for customer dollars. Which ones are framing their cloud services in terms of what businesses want and need, versus pounding their chests over how wonderful their technology is?

Will the big incumbents such as IBM, SAP and Oracle be able to pivot to the cloud with enough capability and urgency to meet the intense requirements of modern digital businesses? Which top cloud vendors are positioning cloud in a silo, and which are blending cloud vision with AI, cognitive, machine learning, and more?

This discussion will address these and other high-priority issues for IT buyers and decision-makers.

About Presenter

Bob Evans helps companies grow by creating and executing world-class communications strategy and programs that amplify the CEO's and CMO's vision. He was recruited by Larry Ellison to do this at Oracle where he was SVP and Chief Communications Officer, and before that by Bill McDermott at SAP as VP of strategic communications. Those corporate positions followed an extensive career in business media as an editor-in-chief, columnist, analyst, and chief content officer.