Bob Evans

Founder at Evans Strategic Communications

The Death Of The CMO
About the Webinar

Customers today -whether consumers or business buyers- are sick and tired of being "marketed to" and are fed up with being bombarded by digital messaging that's cold and impersonal, devoid of context, and utterly lacking in understanding of how the customer prefers to do business. And the increasingly popular "marketing automation" tools that abound today only make it easier for well-intentioned but backward-looking companies to continue those ineffective carpet-bombing campaigns that are driving prospects into the waiting arms of those companies' competitors.

Smart businesses are taking a very different approach by recognizing that in today's engagement economy, businesses that want to earn customers' trust, business, and loyalty must behave very differently than they have in the past.

While marketing is still strategic and essential, it must serve the higher priority of successful engagement. And it's time for truly great CMOs to take on the new responsibilities of Chief Engagement Officer. This webinar will explore what that means, why it's essential for companies looking to succeed in our digital world, and how the engagement economy will force companies to rethink how they market, how they're organized, and how they can make marketing less intrusive and much more successful.

About Presenter

Bob Evans helps companies grow by creating and executing world-class communications strategy and programs that amplify the CEO's and CMO's vision. He was recruited by Larry Ellison to do this at Oracle where he was SVP and Chief Communications Officer, and before that by Bill McDermott at SAP as VP of strategic communications. Those corporate positions followed an extensive career in business media as an editor-in-chief, columnist, analyst, and chief content officer.