Craig Shallahamer

Founder, OraPub

How to Choose The Best Performance Analysis Strategy
About the Webinar

The Oracle Database provides amazing application performance opportunities. But sometimes there are still unhappy users. So, what is your best analysis strategy? As Oracle DBAs we have two fundamental strategies: time based and active session sample based (ASH). Knowing their differences and how to exploit them gives you the optimization edge. In this webinar, I introduce each strategy, highlight how they work, contrast their differences and demonstrate live each strategy. This webinar will teach you how to begin your analysis in the best direction.

Takeaways and value:

About Presenter

Craig is a long time Oracle DBA (1989) who specializes in Oracle Database performance and predictive analysis. He is also an Oracle ACE Director, performance researcher and blogger, consultant, author of two books (Oracle Performance Firefighting, Forecasting Oracle Performance), an enthusiastic conference speaker, and a passionate teacher to thousands of Oracle professionals.