Oren Nakdimon

Oracle Ace Associate

How to Upgrade an Oracle-Based Application Without Downtime
About the Webinar

One of most common reasons to avoid database development is the belief that an application upgrade in the database causes downtime. Many IT departments avoid development in PL/SQL specifically for this reason. However, nothing can be further from the truth. On the contrary, Oracle Database provides one of the most bullet proof ways to upgrade an application without any downtime: Edition Based Redefinition (EBR)

EBR is a powerful and fascinating feature of Oracle (added in version 11.2), that enables application upgrades with zero downtime, while the application is actively used and operational. Join this webinar to learn how to use EBR, see many live examples, and get tips from real-life experience in a production site using EBR extensively.

About Presenter

Oren Nakdimon is an Oracle Ace Associate with more than 20 years of extensive and continuous experience with Oracle-based systems, as a developer, DBA, manager and instructor. Oren gained lots of knowledge about databases in general, and Oracle in particular, and likes sharing it - by blogging (http://db-oriented.com), tweeting (@DBoriented), presenting in local and international conferences, and more. He believes in good collaboration between developers and DBAs, and tries to bridge the traditional gaps between these two worlds. He is also a board member of ilOUG (the Israeli Oracle User Group).