Jacek Gebal

Principal Software Engineer at Fidelity Investments Ireland

Unit Testing Oracle PL/SQL
About the Webinar

Unit tests help developers catch bugs early and deliver high quality software reliably. However, many unit testing tools available for other programming languages don't work well with PL/SQL.

Enter utPLSQL. utPLSQL is an open source and free framework that helps PL/SQL developers build high quality unit tests:

In this session, Jacek Gabek will present the follwoing features of utPLSQL:

About Presenter

Jacek Gebal is the co-author, lead architect, developer and custodian of utPLSQL v3 - free, open-source unit testing framework for Oracle SQL and PLSQL.

He is a software developer since 1998. His main area of expertise is development of PL/SQL and SQL code for Oracle Databases. He gained most of his SQL and PL/SQL experience while working on solutions for different telecom and insurance companies. He is passionate and obsessed with automation, software testing and responsible software engineering. For over two years, Jacek was an active user and contributor to ruby-plsql and ruby-plsql-spec unit testing framework for PL/SQL.

You can find him on Internet at the following links: