Simon Pane

Centrally Managed Users
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About the Webinar

This presentation details the advantages of using Centrally Managed Users (CMU) over the previous technologies, covers the installation/set-up process, and gives practical examples and use cases for organizations to leverage and benefit from the simplified integration of database user management (authentication and authorization) with Active Directory (AD).

An exciting new feature of Oracle Database 18c and 19c is "Centrally Managed Users" (CMU). This, for the first time, allows for simple and complete user management integration with Active Directory. No additional licenses required!

Previously, Oracle Enterprise User Security (EUS) and Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) was needed as an intermediate component bridging the Oracle Database to Active Directory. While EUS/OUD is still present and does offer some additional features and benefits, it's no longer required for database-AD user integration and management.

Attend this webinar to learn how you can start taking advantage of this new free Oracle feature.

About Presenter

Simon is an Oracle ACE and an accomplished Principal Consultant, who has developed a multitude of complex solutions. He leverages his understanding of the industry and technologies such as Oracle, SQL Server, Linux, Oracle Cloud, AWS and more, to propose timely solutions that best suit the needs of clients. As a technology enthusiast, Simon is a highly sought-after speaker at many user groups and international conferences.